About us

Koopjeleaseaf begun as a result to the question: “Why does it cost so much to get out of a leasing agreement?” From our extensive experience we know that this question cracks the heads of many companies and employees. Koopjeleaseaf has developed a service that changes the status quo.
By bringing the right companies together, we lower the buyout fee of your car.

The entrepreneur

“After attaining my degree on VNA leasing at the IVA Driebergen, I entered the leasing market as a young professional. I have worked for the big car leasing companies and also, I have had the opportunity to set up a leasing business.
After all these years, I still get a lot of satisfaction from the dynamic nature of the car branch. But it was time for a new phase; use my gathered knowledge to help customers who would like to get out of their leasing agreements. Making use of my expertise and network we can resolve the ‘leasing problem’.“

Stephan den Herder

leasecontract overnemen

The car will be valued by a mobile appraiser before the final take over. The appraiser will travel to your location to inspect and check the car. During this process, a valuation will be performed.

Which serves as an input for the future process, unless new damages arise in the time being. During the inspection, the car will not be driven. We plan to execute the inspection of the car within 3 business days.

Taxatie leasecontract


We use a professional transport company that deliver their services to the big respected leasing companies. We will set a period of three business days within which the car will be picked up, what we require from you is that someone is present at the business location to hand over the to the transporter.

Regrettably, it’s not possible to pinpoint an exact date and time more precisely. If you are more flexible, you can deliver the car yourself to one of our hauling locations.

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