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    Are you an employee and are you planning to change jobs? But you also possess a leased car and it’s required you to take the car with you when you resign your current position. Is this car weighing you down? Or, are you an employer with a leased car that’s currently parked gathering dust?
    Are the buyout fees, the reason you are keeping the car? Koopjeleaseaf can reduce the buyout fees for you.

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    You will receive an offer in one business day, highlighting the possible saving on your buyout fee.
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    You just have to fill out the quick scan and we will take care of the rest. You get informed as we carry on with your application.
    Save a minimum of € 1.000, -
    We are experts at what we do, and we have an extensive network of companies that we work with. Above all, we work efficient and cheaper than other companies. The savings realized are directly payed out to you.

    This is how it works

    Request the buyout fee and the acquisition amount for your lease car from your leasing company. Fill in the Quickscan with the information gathered and receive an offer with the projected savings in one business day. Do you want a guaranteed offer? Please, then fill in the Complete form. Because we are experts at what we do and we work efficient and cheaper than other companies, the savings realized are directly payed out to you. You will save a minimum of a thousand euros.

    What others say about our services

    “I had an obligation to take the car with me after switching jobs.”
    “I switched jobs, but I forgot that my leasing contract included an obligation for me to take the car with me to my new employer. My new employer was not keen to take over the contract and so I had to buyout the contract. Koopjeleaseaf helped reduce this amount substantially”.
    “My customer needed to get rid of the leasing contract due to a bankruptcy.”
    “A bankruptcy is an awful situation for both the businessman and the creditor. As a receiver, you want to solve the situation as quickly as possible. helped me clear the situation fast and appropriately.”
    “Within 24 hours my employee received an offer and was worry free.”
    “Particularly the speed of processing my application is something that positively surprised my employee. It was not the ideal situation, that’s why getting clarity within 24 hours really helped ease his mind”.
    “As an entrepreneur, I do not have time to go through rules and regulations on a contract.”
    “I would rather dedicate my time on my business and leave contracts to specialists. When I needed to buyout my leasing contract, I reached out to koopjeleaseaf the specialists and they helped me do just that.”

    These customers preceded you

    You are not alone, 12 % of all leasing contracts are prematurely ended. Both employees and companies have to deal with this reality. Curious about who we have assisted? Read the experiences from our early customers and see what savings we realized for them. Interested to know how much you can save? Fill in the quickscan and receive an offer within one business working day.

    Mini Countryman
    Purchased earlier contractually
    25 months
    € 1.650,-
    Volkswagen Passat
    Purchased earlier contractually
    26 months
    € 1.575,-
    Purchased earlier contractually
    32 months
    € 2.200,-
    BMW 1-series
    Purchased earlier contractually
    37 months
    € 2.300,-
    Vorige Volgende